Far Brook News

Nursery 4s Investigate Bubbles in Science

Nursery 4s have been exploring bubbles in the science lab! After discussing the role of soap in our daily lives, students tested ways to make bubbles using several types of soap and a variety of tools including their hands, spoons, cups, and sponges.

Third Grade’s “Gratitude Breakfast”

Each year in preparation for their bountiful family feast just before Thanksgiving break, Third Grade learns about the food, music, and other customs that surround an authentic harvest festival of the woodland tribes.

Exploring An Essential Question in Fifth Grade

Fifth Graders traveled back in history recently, learning about the Civil Rights Movement through Andrea Davis Pinkney’s book Sit-In. Students wrote journal entries from the varied perspectives of people involved in the 1960s Greensboro lunch counter protests, exploring the essential question: “Who has voice?”

December Windows and Winter Celebration

Each December, Far Brook students create curriculum-themed painted windows in their classrooms. For example, First Grade’s core curriculum “Environment & Community” inspired that class to imagine, investigate, draw, and paint leaves of many varieties and colors; Nursery observes and paints the birds that come to the feeders outside their window; Fifth Grade students study Greek mythology and paint constellations from those stories.