Discover Far Brook School – Admissions Events

Far Brook School is an intentionally diversejoyful, and arts-infused community of learners who are grounded in nature, aspiring changemakers, and academically excellent.


Attend one of our virtual Open Houses or a small group in-person tour (or both!) to learn more about Far Brook’s progressive approach to education.  At these events, you will learn about our unique hands-on approach, commitment to social justice, integration of the arts, and nature-infused campus and curriculum. In addition to either a virtual Open House or small group tour, we would love for you to join our virtual Diversity, Equity, and Community Information Session: a 30 minute presentation led by our Director of Diversity, Equity, and Community.

If you attend either a virtual Open House or an in-person tour, you will also have access to a virtual Division-Specific Information Session: a more detailed session to learn about each division (Lower School, which covers Nursery 3s through Grade 3 and Upper School, which covers Grades 4 through 8). 

Please use the form below to sign up for as many Admissions Events as you would like.  We hope to see you soon!