Virtual Fall Festival 2021

Welcome! The Schedule and Instructions for the virtual Fall Festival are below.

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7:00 – 8:00 PM  Fall Festival Kick-off!

  • Join us for a family discussion and Q&A with the New York Times best-selling and award-winning author Meg Medina! [CLICK TO JOIN]


10:00 – 10:15 AM  Donuts On A String!

  • For ALL: Donuts On A String [CLICK TO JOIN]
    Have your donuts strung and ready for the Zoom (see INSTRUCTIONS, also in your Goody Bag)

10:20 – 10:50 AM  Pumpkin Painting

  • For ALL: Pumpkin Painting with Corinne Amato and Kim Pounds [CLICK TO JOIN]
    Supplies are in your Goody Bag! Spread out some newspaper, and have your pumpkin, paints, stickers, marker, water, and brushes ready!

11:00 – 11:30 AM  Workshops

  • Grades 2-8: Friendship Bracelets with The Neon Tea Party [CLICK TO JOIN]
    Check your Goody Bag for bracelet materials, and bring scissors and tape. (Workshop will go a few minutes longer.)
  • Grades N3-1: “Enchanted Forest Adventure” with Treasure Trunk Theatre [CLICK TO JOIN]
    Check your Goody Bag for fox ears.

~15-Minute Zoom Break!~


11:45 AM – 12:15 PM  Fall BRWL for ALL!

  • For ALL: With BRWL Studios [CLICK TO JOIN]
    Float like a butterfly…A little bit of boxing, a little bit of yoga, and a LOT of fun!
    Bring: towel, optional yoga mat, and water

12:15 – 12:30 PM  Break – Lunch Prep

  • Yummm – What’s in your lunch bag?

12:30 – 1:00 PM  Zoom Lunchrooms!

  • Lunch with Lower School Families (Gr. N3-3) [CLICK TO JOIN]
  • Lunch with Upper School Families (Gr. 4-8) [CLICK TO JOIN]
  • Alumni Connect and Lunch [CLICK TO JOIN]
    (Alumni, we’ll go until 1:30 and play “Far Brook Celebrity.”)

~ Enjoy the afternoon. We’ll see you later! ~


7:00 – 8:00 PM PJ StoryTime!

  • For ALL: Good night Far Brook –  [CLICK TO JOIN]
    Time for an evening snack and a story from our Junior High – everybody in their PJs!


Thank you to the PCC Leadership team for planning and creating our Fall Festival and also to the many other parents, alumni, and Far Brook staff members who lent support in decorating campus, creating communications, and leading events. We are also so thankful for the imaginative and energizing workshops led by The Neon Tea Party,  Treasure Trunk Theatre, and BRWL Studio.



Not sure what to do? Take a look below for any additional instructions to prepare for activities. 


Bookmark this page so you can always find your way back. All links open in a new tab. If you’re having trouble joining an activity, please check the Zoom details here first, or text or call Tech Support: (646) 512-3211


  1. Before joining the 10am Zoom session, you’ll need to set up this activity. In your Fall Festival Goody Bag there is a ball of yarn and donuts to use, you’ll need scissors as well.
  2. Choose your spot (if outside, using a tree branch is a great option), and use the provided yarn to hang your donuts, taking care to hang them low enough for your child to comfortably reach. Be sure to hang a donut for each family member, so everyone can participate.
  3. Wait for Amy’s countdown to begin!


Your Fall Festival Goody Bag also has supplies for Pumpkin Painting (white pouch), Friendship Bracelets (for Gr. 2-8, brown pouch), and the Enchanted Forest Adventure (for Gr. N3-1, fox ears).




Learn more about Meg and all her books. 


Keisa Anthony
Kenyanna Scott Bell
Robyn Bennett
Katy Burns
Sandy Castor
Wendy Doran-Paley
Carolyn Elbert
Hilary Hoover, PCC Co-chair
Neil Marks, PCC Co-chair
Kim Pounds
Amanda Richardson ’98
Kerra Sollog
Darren Vengroff
Eucabeth Williams