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  • Nursery through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey

Teaching & Learning

Integrating academics, the arts, technology and physical education, appreciating the process of learning, and exploring topics in-depth are at the heart of Far Brook’s philosophy.

Our approach to education demands that both students and teachers be active participants in a reciprocal learning experience. We recognize the role of metaphor, ritual, and tradition in children’s lives and the power of the arts in the learning process. Our curriculum is unified by interdisciplinary studies of thematic units and great historical eras, which allow children to relate themselves to the universe and to the history of mankind. A Far Brook education takes place in an environment of natural beauty and intimacy, where character and citizenship are valued as much as achievement, process as much as product.

The Roots of Excellence

"Without music, rhythms, art, [Woodshop], sports, children could not assimilate subject matter with depth nor create with such perception."

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