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  • Nursery Through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey

The Far Brook Experience

 Children learn at Far Brook in a purposeful but unrushed atmosphere, where their intelligence and creativity are honored. They experience the security of belonging to a community where they find the life and work challenging and engaging. Teachers encourage children to approach problems in as many different ways as possible, stimulating curiosity and initiative while fostering independence and developing the ability to think, reflect, feel, and conceptualize. Our students respond positively to student-oriented classroom environments, to the beauty of our natural outdoor surroundings, and to the people of their school community.

Our goal is to prepare our graduates to become citizens of a rapidly changing world: to be people who can positively influence others, who are capable of making a difference in the world, and who are able to "live life wisely and with great joy."

Quotes from Graduates

We use the arts not only for performance but to bring us together as a community. 

We are a close class because everyone participates in everything.

You might have come in as an athlete, but will leave as an actor, musician, and writer, too.

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