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  • Nursery through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey


Far Brook is a community of students, families, faculty and staff, trustees, alumni, alumni families, and friends. At the heart of the School is the involvement of the entire family.

Far Brook has a tradition of volunteerism – nearly 100% of parents (fathers, mothers, guardians, and even some grandparents), as well as many alumni and alumni parents, donate their time and talents and financial support to benefit the School. Gifts large or small are much appreciated and help enhance the students' experience. The School’s varied activities allow volunteers to employ their talents, skills, and interests for the benefit of the Far Brook community. 

Parent Committee Council
Parents Committee Council (PCC) − Parents, teachers, and staff cooperate to provide an enriched educational environment for the students. The active Parents Committee Council is the primary channel through which parents contribute their time, talent, and skills. The PCC solicits volunteers before each school year begins. LEARN MORE
Class Parents
Class Parents are a vital link in the communication system at Far Brook. If parents have a question of a non-academic nature about their child's class, the Class Parent will probably know the answer or can guide parents in the right direction.
Other Volunteer Opportunities

Additional family involvement opportunities include the The Far Brook Fund, other fundraising activities, and the Parent Recruiting Network (PRN).

In addition to structured volunteer opportunities and committees, parent participation is welcome at appropriate times in the classrooms where families share their cultural heritage, traditions, and talents with the students.

Helping Out and Having Fun
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Common Ground Speaks

Far Brook is a member of Common Ground Speaks, a collaborative effort of Parents' Associations of independent schools, which sponsors free events featuring distinguished speakers on topics related to child development, parenting, and education.

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