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  • Nursery through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey

Educational Technology OLD

Authentic and real-world applications of technology are an integral part of a student’s experience at Far Brook School.

Our technology program at Far Brook School is constantly evolving to meet our students’ needs and to best prepare them for the future. We are thoughtful in our approach to integrating technology, and believe it is not about the tool, but about the experience the tool provides. In alignment with our philosophy, we seek technology use that deepens and enhances the learning of our students. Technology should support and provide both faculty and students the freedom to explore and take risks, furthering their love of learning and empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

Far Brook School provides many technology resources to students, teachers, and staff. Recognizing that there is no single device or software that can do it all, we have chosen to use a variety of tools to meet our community’s needs.

In the Lower School, students have access to iPads, laptops, and simple robots. The iPad minis have developmentally and age-appropriate apps that enhance and deepen the students’ learning experiences. Students can take pictures, create videos, listen to stories, and quickly find information online. Lower School students also enjoy exploring the basics of programming through the simple robot, Bee-bot. Activities with Bee-bot introduce students to sequential and logical thinking, essential skills for computer programming and coding. Third Grade students look forward to touch-typing and begin developing the skills needed to type efficiently and safely.

In the Upper Schools, integrating technology into the curriculum continues to deepen the learning experiences of the students. Students learn to use technology for research, collaboration, communication, and the collection and manipulation of data. Middle School and Junior High students use iPads that are configured and updated with the latest educational apps relating to the Upper Schools’ curriculum and learning goals. Activities that require more in-depth research and writing are more effectively done on a laptop or Chromebook. A laptop cart and Chromebook cart are located in the Middle School and a second Chromebook cart is located in the Junior High, making technology readily accessible to students.

Authentic and real-world applications of technology are an integral part of a student’s experience at Far Brook School. Students explore design thinking and prototyping as they create functional and imaginative circuits with littleBits or as they experience the joys, and at times frustrations, of making an idea come to fruition with the 3-D printer. Helping students recognize the need to be patiently persistent when building a tool that resolves a problem or fulfills a need is critical for preparing them beyond their time at Far Brook. 

As we continue to grow – both in our knowledge of technology and its uses within the context of a Far Brook education – we work to ensure that every student’s experience with technology expands his or her view of and ability to interact with the world. Our goal is to provide students with access to these powerful tools so that they will be inspired to use technology wisely in their pursuit of knowledge and self-expression.

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