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  • Nursery Through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey


Our purpose is to create a supportive and caring community that cherishes love of learning, creativity, and individuality, and that provides teachers and students with both support and freedom to take risks in order to reach their full potential.
— from The Far Brook School Statement of Purpose


One of the fundamental aspects of the Far Brook School climate is its positive environment. Far Brook is a small school that prides itself on high academic standards as well as the highest standards of behavior, citizenship, and mutual respect. In such a school, students feel safe, secure, and supported. Students are encouraged to interact cooperatively and productively. From the earliest grades, students learn and develop the sense of being responsible members of a community.

Within this supportive environment, expectations are clearly defined. Students learn to challenge themselves, to make thoughtful decisions, to stand for their convictions, and to accept responsibility for their actions.

Such an environment for active learning enables members of the Far Brook community to help one another to find joy in learning by sharing what is captivating, intriguing, and delightful, as they engage in a lifelong process of learning about and from the world around us.


We believe that students develop best socially, emotionally, and intellectually in a community that values and practices fairness, honesty, and courage, and which provides experiences in cooperation, self-discipline, good communication, respect for self and others, and sensitivity to the larger world.

We believe that responsibility for maintaining this environment involves every member of the Far Brook community, including the families. Relationships between teachers and parents which are open and based upon mutual trust are valued as the best way to support each student. Parent support for school decisions, rules, and regulations is a necessity.

While the School encourages cooperative relationships with parents, all final decisions rest with the School.


In the Far Brook School community, parents, teachers, and staff cooperate to provide an enriched educational environment for the students. The Parents Committee Council (PCC) is the primary channel through which parents contribute their time, talent, and skills. More information on the PCC can be found in the Families section of the website.

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