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Junior High Travels to Québec City
Posted 03/22/2017 04:45PM

Last Friday night, Far Brook's Junior High returned from their trip to French Canada. This annual capstone experience gives students an opportunity to use their French skills in practical, real-world settings and to be surrounded by French language and French-influenced culture. This year they explored Québec City, spending four amazing days taking in the culture, language, and history of the city and its people.

Before the trip, the Junior High learned about French explorers like Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain who came to the New World in search of a passage to the west. They studied the interactions of these early settlers with the First Nations and learned about the culture and geography of Québec. Starting in the fall, the students began exchanging letters with pen pals at L’Académie Sainte-Marie.

Every day while in Québec, the students used their French language skills to interact with native speakers in restaurants  and shops, and with the supermarket employees during the Scavenger Hunt at the local Supermarché. They also spoke French with their penpals on a visit to their school. Their local guide spoke both French and English, teaching the Junior High some typical Québécois expressions and exposing them to music from the area. The guided tours of Québec City, Huron Village, and Montmorency Falls, deepened the students' understanding of how the French, the native cultures, and the English interacted and influenced the history of North America. At Les Plaines d'Abraham museum, students learned about the 1759 Battle of Québec and reenacted the duties of soldiers, including how to load muskets and canons.

Some of the Junior High's favorite activities included a snowshoeing excursion through the forest, snow tubing at the Village des Sports, and a French Canadian theater workshop, in which students acted out three Québécois legends. And, of course, a highlight of the trip was the food. Students tasted poutine (fries with cheese curds and gravy), potage (pureed vegetable soup), crêpes, and bison sausages.

Vive le Québec!!

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