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STEAM Immersion Week for Middle School
Posted 04/06/2017 08:48AM

Last week Far Brook students in Grades 4-6 exchanged their regular schedules for a special week of project-based, interdisciplinary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities. In our second year partnering with i2 Learning, students explored sustainable farming practices and designed a model farming plot imagining potential future campus use. Groups decided on a function for their garden at Far Brook, deciding whether they would sell, donate, or eat the harvest they grew.

Our STEAM immersion week was coordinated by Far Brook teachers Lauren Kronthal and Deborah Costa. Throughout this week of interdisciplinary teaching, 15 Upper School teachers collaborated in the execution of the curriculum. Students learned about and investigated many topics, including photosynthesis, composting, irrigation, food deserts, and urban farms, to name just a few. Students applied their understanding of geometry and basic algebra in order to design scale models of their projected garden plot as well as calculate a projected cost analysis. This exciting, week-long immersion program gave our Middle School students an opportunity to engage their STEAM skills in solving real-world problems, as well as a first-hand awareness of some of the world- and life-changing innovations that are possible in STEAM professions.

True to the Engineering Design Process, the students concluded their week with presentations communicating their group's challenges, setbacks, innovations, and successes, and demonstrating their final projects showcasing their farm models and Google Slide presentations.

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