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Lower School's Self-Portrait Project
Posted 04/20/2017 12:05PM

Inspired by Widening the Lens - Far Brook's 2016 Diversity Conference which encouraged conversations on race - the Lower School (Grades N-3) engaged in a 2-day experience to create self-portraits. Working in small mixed-grade groups and guided by Kindergarten teacher Donna Deltz, the students first created their "just right" shade of skin color by mixing four paint colors: red, yellow, black, and white. On the second day, they added features to their portraits.

Two important books were read to the students as part of the project: All the Colors We Are explains the science behind how we get our skin color, and The Colors of Us celebrates many beautiful shades of skin by associating each tone with the rich and delicious colors of our environment - cocoa, peach, tawny, golden, butterscotch, and bronze.

An exhibit of the Lower School's self-portrait project is on display now in the lower level lobby outside the Third Grade and in the main office. 

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