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STEAM Summer Camp - Week 1
Posted 06/20/2017 07:21AM

The first week of Far Brook's two-week STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Summer Camp concluded last Friday afternoon, with the campers showcasing their creations for parents and visitors.

STEAM campers turned Lab 3 into a green and clean boutique, having spent the week learning the chemistry behind common home and body products and then concocting their own natural, healthy, and fragrant versions of bug repellent, sugar scrubs, bath salts, balms, and lotions. Each group designed packaging and marketing materials and set up stores with test samples for their customers. The lab never smelled so good! See the slideshow below.

For a final group project, STEAM campers in Lab 2 set up an elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption to address a simple problem: how to blow out the candle on Mike's birthday cupcake. Students spent the week in small groups creating similar complex machines, as they took into account the physics involved and the effect of various actions. Take a look at the video below. Here's a breakdown of the steps:

Mike sets off the dominoes which fall into marbles which travel down the ramp and funnel though a tube to land in a cup attached to a string that pulls a block out from in front of a tennis ball which then rolls down a ramp to hit another marble that then falls into a cup which is attached to another cup which releases a car that rolls down a ramp hitting a wall of dominoes which fall onto the sensors that turn the fans on and blows out the birthday candle.

This week's STEAM students are designing and building either a sustainable garden or a mini-golf course. 



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