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Sixth Grade on the "Road to Rome"
Posted 11/28/2017 01:00PM

In a Morning Meeting earlier this fall, Far Brook's Sixth Grade ensemble traveled to Ancient Rome with their performance of "Road to Rome," a play by Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert E. Sherwood. This year's play centered on the story of Amytis, a Greek immigrant to Ancient Rome, married to the new Roman dictator, Favius Maximus. Hannibal and his army from Carthage have succeeded in crossing the Alps on elephants and have defeated the Roman armies. As they prepare to sack and burn Rome, Amytis sets out to save both her family and her adopted city.

The Sixth Grade play is an outgrowth of their core curriculum and is set in either Ancient Roman or Medieval times. As students take on more complex texts -- often the play is chosen from the works of Shakespeare or Roman playwrights such as Plautus or Terence -- they are challenged to imagine living in those historic times. While studying the play, students learn more about how plot and character drive a story and they also explore the use of technical elements such as costumes and props to support their production. 

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