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The Power of Water: A Fourth Grade Investigation
Posted 04/02/2019 12:00PM

As Fourth Grade studied the wide-ranging influence of the Nile River on Ancient Egyptian culture, they also explored how water shapes the landscape, creating valleys, lakes, and rivers as it makes its way downhill to the sea. In science class, students created experimental landscapes by inclining plastic tubs filled with diatomaceous earth, and simulated the effect of rain and meltwater by dripping water at the top. They recorded data and sketched their landscape, noting how long it took for the water to create geographic features such as deltas, forks, islands, and lakes. They learned that in this simulation each minute of dripping water represented about 1,000 years!

Their river study took the class outside to observe the water flowing though Far Brook's Wetlands Habitat. Like all good natural scientists, students will take their notes and drawings back to the lab to compare the real thing with their river models. 

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