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Our Sports Philosophy

Central to Far Brook’s sports program are the concepts of full participation and physical vigor. All students participate to the best of their abilities. Students in Grades Five through Eight are members of the Far Brook interscholastic athletic teams, which include: field hockey, soccer, track and field, baseball, and lacrosse. In addition, during the winter, students in Grades 6-8 may enroll in our After School Interscholastic Basketball Program and Ski Club.

The physical education program at Far Brook focuses on the skills and movements necessary for participating in team activities. The activities undertaken and sports played are the vehicles through which skills are developed and learning takes place. Far Brook students enjoy the simple physical pleasure of using their bodies well and developing their athletic abilities, but they are also given an opportunity to develop leadership skills and to support the leadership of others, thus building and strengthening community. The main goals of the sports program are participation, teamwork, and skill development. The entire athletic program at Far Brook is based on full participation.

Middle School and Junior High students have four classes per week that last for 45-60 minutes each. Students are given an opportunity to develop leadership skills and to support the leadership of others.

A number of Far Brook graduates go on to excel in varsity sports at both the high school and college levels. All our graduates have experience in how to cooperate and how bring out the best in their teammates.

...the individual finds himself accepted at whatever level of interest and skill he is. The development of fairness and courage is the aim, teaching the player to think in terms of his team as he enters a more competitive age.

from The Roots of Excellence

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