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  • Nursery through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey

Learning Support

Junior High students are offered a quiet space in the Old Library on a drop-in basis several mornings each week. Students can review for quizzes and tests, read independently, or work quietly with other students. The Upper Schools Literacy Specialist and our Learning Consultant are available to reinforce learning and organizational strategies. Academic teachers are available in their classrooms should students require subject-specific assistance. The quiet early morning drop-off is part of our initiative to foster independent learners, which includes making use of all available resources, managing time wisely, and being proactive.

Study Skills: Each week, both the Seventh and Eighth Grade classes meet with the Learning Specialist to explore their own learning styles: their strengths as well as their challenges, and how to appropriately support their own learning process. Skills and strategies for better organization and time management, as well as best study practices, are explored through this lens, and they are reinforced through the maintenance of daily academic routines and responsibilities such as planner use and homework completion. Over the course of the year, students learn, review, and put to practice the skills and strategies reviewed throughout the year.


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