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  • Nursery through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey

Learning Support 

In Middle School, the Learning Specialist and Literacy Specialist work with students individually and in small groups within some classroom settings. They consult regularly with the classroom teachers to coordinate strategies that take into account students’ specific learning styles. Several times a year, teachers complete assessments of students’ individual reading levels with a process similar to that used in Lower School.

Students in the Middle School begin to take on more responsibility for their learning.  Through support from their academic teachers and the Learning Specialist, students learn organization and time management skills that are reinforced daily, resulting in students who are  more independent with homework. Students also learn various study strategies as they prepare for quizzes and tests and memorize lines for their class plays.  In addition, students learn test-taking techniques for classroom quizzes and tests, and are also afforded opportunities to experience standardized testing.  The ERB CTP-4 is administered to the Fourth through Eighth Grades in the spring of each year.

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