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  • Nursery through Grade 8 | Short Hills, New Jersey

Summer STEAM Camp

What SUMMER Should Look Like!


Summer 2019

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics
For students entering Grades 3-8 in the fall 

Session 1: June 10-14
Session 2: June 17-21
Session 3: June 24-28
Session 4: August 19-23

Hours: 8:30 AM-3:00 PM
$500 per week, includes all supplies.
Far Brook families can be billed through TADS.

Program Coordinator: Chris Murphy
Teaching Staff: Mike Chodroff, Chris Murphy, Rob Olazagasti, Rachel Walsh, Alex Winkler

Far Brook's popular Summer STEAM Camp is hands-on and project-based, giving students an opportunity to further explore and develop their passion for science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  

Session 1 (June 10-14): Amazing Animation - Gr. 3-5

Open to Students Entering Grades 3-5
Teacher: Alex Winkler

Lights, camera, action! Using Far Brook’s Filmmaking technology, you can create your own animated masterpiece! With multimedia tools and supplies at your disposal, you will tell your own story using stop motion animation, cartooning, and green screen technology. You can even create your own background music! You are the writer, animator, director and producer! The week ends with a special film screening for all (complete with popcorn!).

Session 1 (June 10-14): Energy Explorers - Gr. 6-9

Open to Students Entering Grades 6-9
Teacher: Mike Chodroff

Take a look around and you will begin to notice that there is free energy everywhere! Sun, wind, and water are only a few sources where we can harness the powers that nature provides. Participants in this session will be focused on harnessing solar rays, gusts of wind, and flowing water and converting them into usable energy in order to power a variety of hand-built machines. Campers will have the opportunity to design and construct land, air, and sea vehicles, while learning about the engineering design process, creating aerodynamic bodies, and applying the physics of gears and axles. Apply your sunblock, put on your windbreaker, and put on your boots and get ready to capture free energy provided by planet Earth and the Sun.

Session 2 (June 17-21): Costume Institute - Gr. 3-5

Open to Students Entering Grades 3-5
Teacher: Rob Olazagasti

Where do you get inspiration? This week you will design, develop, and construct Avant-garde garments/costumes inspired by well-known works of art, fashion, books, and movies. You will be learning the basics of pattern-making, fabric/textile techniques, and sewing. The week will conclude with a gallery-walk show where you will showcase your unique designs and creations.

Session 2 (June 17-21): Programming, Robotics, and More - Gr. 6-9

Open to Students Entering Grades 6-9
Teacher: Chris Murphy

Computers are everywhere! They’ve revolutionized almost every aspect of life over the past 50 years, from fashion, to manufacturing, to sports, to entertainment, and more. This week you will further explore the world of computer programming, learning to program a tiny Arduino microcomputer which can read sensors and output commands that will light LEDs, buzz speakers, turn gears, and more. What will you make your creation do?

Session 3 (June 24-28): You’re a Force of Nature! - Gr. 3-5

Open to Students Entering Grades 3-5
Teacher: Rachel Walsh

Nature is FULL of energy and so are you! Energetic forces are all around us and humans have harnessed them using simple machines over thousands of years. During the week, campers will explore the powerful energies that light our homes, run our cars, and connect our gadgets. Create your own magnets, build with circuits and build your own electric vehicle!

Session 3 (June 24-28): Design & Build a Little Free Library - Gr. 6-9

Open to Students Entering Grades 6-9
Teacher: Chris Murphy

Have you noticed tiny houses full of books around your neighborhood? Little Free Libraries have been popping up all over communities around the country, encouraging people to borrow books and share some of their own with their neighbors. During this week, we will design and build Little Free Libraries to help encourage reading in our own community!

Session 4 (August 19-23): Summer's End Tinkering Week - Gr. 3-9

Open to Students Entering Grades 3-9
Teacher: Chris Murphy

Crank up your creativity as summer winds down! Spend a fun-filled and imaginative week tinkering in Far Brook’s well-supplied woodshop and science lab makerspaces. Students will imagine, design and create projects using a variety of materials and tools – 3D-printers, woodshop tools, electronic kits, and robotics.

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