Widening the Lens 2022 Details

Welcome participants!

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Campus Map and Locations


8:30 AM Registration

~Segal Family Library~

8:30 – 9:00 AM Breakfast

~Music & Arts Lobby~

9:00 – 10:30 AM Conference Open

~Upper School Music~


Keynote Address and Q&A

Conference Logistics

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM  Facilitated Discussions by Constituent Group

~Constituent Locations~

12:00 PM Lunch and Fellowship

~Moore Hall and the Gym~

    1:00 PM Student Reflections

    ~Upper School Music~

    2:15 PM  School Pods Meet for Dialogue and Action Planning

    ~School Locations~

    3:45 PM  Wine and Cheese Reception

    ~Segal Family Libary~


    With deepest gratitude for our ongoing partnership, we thank:

    ConnectOne Bank for your generous support of the conference,

    Addison Taylor Catering, an affiliate of David Ellis Events, for providing lunch for our attendees,

    Pollyanna, Inc. for creating the unique conference format and for continued guidance.



    Kate Amoo

    Sarah Anfora

    Lydia Barovero

    April Bell-Martha

    Mona Boewe

    Dorothy Chang

    Paula Cheng

    Rachel Cohen

    Liz Colleran

    Shannon Connors

    Wendy Doran-Paley

    Jim Glossman

    Ashley Gray

    Lauren Harris

    Hilary Hoover

    Emi Ithen

    James Kingham

    Jennifer Kohler

    Natania Kremer

    Megan Martin

    Valerie McEntee

    Anthony Miller

    Rob Olazagasti

    Rebecca Randall

    Rebecca Ross

    Deena Sengstacke

    Nina Sze

    Ali Ullrich

    Debbie Wissel

    Amy Yin



    Arielle Anema

    Sarah Anfora

    Jennifer Barba

    Mona Boewe

    Joan Burr

    Suzanne Glatt

    Jim Glossman

    Megan Gottlieb

    Kathy Ike

    Emi Ithen

    Alisha Martinez

    Valerie McEntee

    Mikki Murphy

    Rachel Stepanek

    Nina Sze

    Keirah Tompkins

    Alison Ullrich