Together, we foster a sense of belonging, and we model and nurture kindness, caring, and respect for one another.

– From the Far Brook School Diversity Statement

At Far Brook, our diverse community fills each of us with so much invaluable knowledge – important truths that challenge stereotypes and affirm our best ideals. And so, we share a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of school life.

As a community, we represent a spectrum of identities, heritages, family configurations, cultures, interests, and perspectives, and believe this diversity makes us the strongest kind of learning environment – one that invests in understanding the experiences of others, develops the capability for critical thinking, and instills in each of us a sense of belonging and a thirst for equity and social justice.

Here, we believe that “childhood happens once” and know we have a great responsibility as these are the years when our students are forming early impressions and gaining knowledge that will serve as the foundation for their future engagement as global citizens in an ever-changing world. Our curriculum provides both windows and mirrors with which to support students’ emerging understanding of the world, and our beloved “arts” inspire and inform, offering rich opportunities for empathy, self-expression, shared experience, and joy. Through a myriad of diversity initiatives beyond the classroom, we encourage students to adopt a wider lens through which to view their own possibilities and those of others.

Far Brook’s Diversity Statement acknowledges that work we have committed to. Diligence, honesty, flexibility, compassion, resilience, and hope are required to be the community we aspire to be. And this is an all-school effort. An active, committed parent community partners with our skilled and compassionate faculty in this daily pursuit. Join us, as we learn and grow together, joyfully celebrating our commonalities and our differences, forming relationships, and sharing experiences that inspire and guide us during our Far Brook years and beyond.