Far Brook believes in our shared humanity and equips our students to imagine and create a world where equity, empathy, and kindness prevail.

– From Far Brook’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice

Community is the hallmark of the Far Brook experience, enriching our days with shared experience, support, and purpose. 

We are an intentionally diverse community across all aspects of identity from racial and cultural affiliations, to family make-up, and gender identity and expression – and we believe that this diversity creates the most authentic and powerful learning environment. We   embrace and defend the humanity of all people and we gain perspective and empathy by doing the work of getting to know others and sharing our full selves. Only this way can each community member truly feel a sense agency and belonging – the basic ingredient of true community. 

At Far Brook we value time spent together – whether engaged in dialogue, problem solving, project making, on athletic teams or music or theater ensembles.  Parents collaborate to create meaningful events for students and families, faculty meet weekly to learn about and to share innovative teaching methods and approaches, and the staff works with all constituent groups to leverage the richness of our diversity. Each day, we gather for an all-school Morning Meeting that provides a daily touchstone of inspiration, reflection, and the joy of music.