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You are important members of our community, connected to the School by our revered Traditions, deep friendships with peers and faculty, and by memories of Far Brook’s unique hands-on, experiential, and arts-infused learning. We’ve enjoyed seeing you on our recent Zoom Alumni events and look forward to when we can see you back on campus.

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Alumni & Alumni Families Book Club 2.0 with James Glossman A GENTLEMAN IN MOSCOW by Amor Towles

8:00 PM –9:00 PM

Alumni & Alumni Families Book Club 2.0 with James Glossman BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE MUSEUM by Kate Atkinson

8:00 PM –9:00 PM



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Meet Erin Segal, Far Brook Class of 1991 (Pingry ’95, Amherst ’99, Columbia Graduate School of Social Work ’03, Catholic University Ph.D. in Social Work ’15). Erin is a Social Worker currently providing virtual support for clients in a senior wellness center. She is also a co-founder of Thick Press, a publisher of unusual books about care-giving, justice-seeking, and community-building. Thick Press was born out of Erin's desire to commemorate the stories she was hearing from the support group she ran for senior citizens raised in El Salvador. So, like any Far Brook grad would do, she started her own cross-disciplinary publishing practice! 

Erin is also the lyricist of one of Far Brook’s favorite autumnal songs, “That’s Autumn.” Ever since Allen Artz set to music a poem Erin wrote in 1989, the Far Brook community has been singing it in Morning Meeting, especially at this time of year. We sang it just last week! 

Erin reflected on her Far Brook experience: "Far Brook gave me a love for mucking around outside (I think of the Wetlands every time I smell skunk cabbage!) as well as an appreciation for the joys of mucking around in the arts, without any expectation of perfection. The Helping Others program that was part of the curriculum in the 1990s was my first exposure to community service--and it probably inspired me to become a social worker."
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Meet Elizabeth Crowley (Mazzarisi), Class of 2005 (Brick Township HS '09,  Kean University - BSN '13, Drexel University - MSN '18).

Liz is a board-certified emergency registered nurse at Community Medical Center in Toms River. In August of this year, she became a clinical nurse educator at the hospital, where she trains and mentors new nurses on best practices, leads experienced nurses, develops new policies and procedures, and conducts research with interdisciplinary teams to improve the care there. She also helps direct the nurse residency program. Liz has won awards for her service in both innovation and exceptional patient care and has been published in a national nursing journal. In 2018, Liz earned her Master’s degree in nursing innovation and entrepreneurship, with a post-master’s certificate in addiction therapy. 

“Far Brook definitely helped shape my career choices. I believe that my empathy, compassion, strong resolve, and creative thinking are character traits that were nurtured at Far Brook. I
learned how to be a productive team player, and how to speak up for what is right. Without those lessons, I don’t believe that I would be where I am today. I am forever grateful for all of the
teachers I had at such a young age, and for an environment that allowed me to build strong self-esteem.” #ItAllBeganAtFarBrook, #ProgressiveEducation #FarBrookAlumni #ChildhoodHappensOnce #SchoolAsItShouldBe #NursesAreHeroes
Meet Whitney Brown '96 (Montclair Kimberley Academy '00, Kenyon College '04, Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine '11). Whitney is a veterinarian in a mixed-animal practice and helps mostly dogs and cats, but also sees sheep, goats, and horses. She now lives in Port Orchard, Washington with her husband, Jeff, and 15 month old son, Alder. In Whitney's words, a Far Brook education, “teaches you to ask questions and put the puzzle pieces together. It introduced me to a type of thinking where the answers are not right in front of you. In my field as a vet, I have to find the answers since my patients can’t speak and tell me what is wrong.  I have to put the pieces together and FB taught me how to think like that.”
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Meet Adam Plotkin, Far Brook Class of 1990 (Pingry '94, University of Pennsylvania '98, Harvard Business School '03). Adam, the uncle of a rising Second Grade Far Brook student, is a partner at ff Venture Capital, a leading early-stage technology venture capital firm in NYC specializing in financial technology, robotics and applied artificial intelligence.

For Adam, "Far Brook gave me a lifelong appreciation of art, literature, and music to balance out my math/science ‘brain,’ and all the tools I needed to be successful in high school and beyond, both hard skills like reading critically, but also in cultivating diverse interests and hobbies, and not being afraid to try new things."
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