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You are important members of our community, connected to the School by our revered Traditions, deep friendships with peers and faculty, and by memories of Far Brook’s unique hands-on, experiential, and arts-infused learning. We’ve enjoyed seeing you on our recent Zoom Alumni events and look forward to when we can see you back on campus.

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Meet Georgia Post-Lipnick '18 (Kent Place School '22, Juilliard Pre-College Program '22, Princeton University Class of 2026). Georgia recently performed her senior recital, completing the degree requirements from Juilliard's Pre-college Program, and she plans to continue her music studies as well as other academic interests at Princeton University in the fall. In recalling her years at Far Brook, Georgia says: "Beginning as early as Nursery, I was always surrounded by music at Far Brook: listening to Beethoven, singing in Morning Meeting, learning Pergolesi's Stabat Mater, and the music of our Shakespeare graduation play. My exposure to music in the classroom, on the stage, and as an audience member, helped me draw connections across disciplines and understand the value of each experience, which has pushed me to become a more versatile and thoughtful musician." #ItAllBeganAtFarBrook #FarBrookSchool #ProgressiveEducation #SchoolAsItShouldBe #DrawingConnections #Interdisciplinary #GroundedInMusic
Meet Richard Saber '15 (Columbia HS '19, Westminster Choir College, Berklee College of Music '23). As Richard pursues his passion to be a music educator, he interned this fall at Far Brook, getting real hands-on experience working with students in all areas of the School, including supporting and learning from our esteemed music faculty. In Richard’s words, “The strength of Far Brook’s music program led me to pursue a career in music. The incredibly multi-talented faculty showed me every day that it is possible to inspire others the way they inspired me. The diverse range and variation of music gave me a well-rounded foundation for building my musical library and growing as a musician and educator. I am forever grateful.” #ItAllBeganAtFarBrook #FarBrookSchool #ProgressiveEducation #SchoolAsItShouldBe #InspiringFaculty #ForeverGrateful
Meet Julian Dawes '99 (Millburn High School '03, Duke University '07). Julian is a Senior Vice President and Head of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby’s in New York. Julian started at Sotheby’s in 2008 as a Junior Cataloguer and is now a leading specialist on European art from approximately 1860-1960. He works with museums, foundations, estates, dealers and private collectors around the world to secure consignments and bring buyers to auction. He has also curated a series of private selling exhibitions. 

In Julian's words, “Far Brook gave me an amazing sense of the value of creativity, particularly vis a vis the arts, but in general when it comes to tackling any project or solving problems. Being able to draw on different disciplines, not being afraid to roll up your sleeves and tinker, thinking outside the box are, to me, some of the most important skills I rely on today.”
#FarBrookSchool #ProgressiveEducation #SchoolAsItShouldBe #ChildhoodHappensOnce #FarBrookAlumni #WeLoveFarBrookAlumni #ItAllBeganAtFarBrook #CriticalThinking  #CreativeThinking #Arts #Interdisciplinary #ThinkingOutsideTheBox
Meet Lily Mynott '13 (Millburn High School '17, Franklin & Marshall College '21). Lily was recently honored as the Female Athlete of the Year at Franklin & Marshall College. First introduced to field hockey as a Far Brook Fifth Grader,  Lily recalls, "I'll confess that my Fifth-Grade self was initially reluctant to play field hockey, but with the supportive environment at Far Brook and the encouragement of my coach Nancy Muniz, I came to love the game. I learned to harness my competitive drive, find my role as a teammate, and discover my love for learning new things. I have such gratitude and appreciation for the incredible foundation that Far Brook provided me." #FarBrookSchool #ProgressiveEducation #SchoolAsItShouldBe #ChildhoodHappensOnce #FarBrookAlumni #WeLoveFarBrookAlumni #ItAllBeganAtFarBrook #Gratitude #Athletes #FieldHockey

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