Diversity, Equity, and Community Initiatives

Our DEC initiatives range from our bi-weekly dialogues to our annual, full-day, Diversity Conference for independent schools (Widening the Lens). Parents, faculty, and students engage in many of these opportunities to connect and learn about one another, and deepen our sense of community and belonging.

Heritage Morning Meetings

Our time together in Morning Meeting offers many opportunities to learn, be inspired, and share our stories with one another.  Designated Heritage Morning Meetings have been set aside to celebrate the broad range of cultures and identities in our community.  Many, but not all Heritage Morning Meetings are aligned with the Library of Congress recognition months created to celebrate the histories and contributions of historically marginalized identities. We encourage our families’ participation in the form of photos, videos, stories, music, and other elements that will help us to authentically honor, affirm, and celebrate our beautifully diverse community. Heritage Morning Meeting celebrations that are planned annually:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept-Oct)
  • National Coming Out/Calling In Day (Oct)
  • Native American Heritage Month (Nov)
  • LGBTQ History Month (Nov)
  • Diwali (Nov)
  • Lunar New year (Feb)
  • Black History Month (Feb)
  • Women’s History Month (Mar)
  • Eid-al-Fitr (Apr)
  • Arab American History Month (Apr)
  • Jewish American History Month (May)
  • Asian American Pacific Islander Month (May)
  • Pride (Jun)
  • Caribbean American Heritage Month (Jun)

Affinity and Community Ally Groups for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Affinity Groups are a school-wide initiative to gather people who share a salient aspect of identity that is underrepresented in their class or in the school and/or marginalized in society. Coming together to talk about that identity and make connections with others across grade levels, enhances a sense of belonging, and reduces isolation. We recognize that identity is complex, and students may identify with more than one group.  Sign-up forms are circulated in advance of each meeting, and Lower School families must signup their child(ren) for one of the groups.

Topics explored typically include: Identity, Diversity, Community, Allyship, and Action.

Midweek Dialogue

Open to all adults in the Far Brook community, the Midweek Dialogue (MWD) meets every other Wednesday at noon on Zoom, to discuss social justice current events and topics of interest. The dialogues often spark ideas for community events and initiatives.

PCC/DEC Committee

The PCC/DEC Committee plans and executes initiatives for parent and families to learn, connect, and engage.

MLK Day of Action

Planned by the PCC/DEC Committee, this is held on the Sunday before MLK Day in January, this is an opportunity for community-wide (families, students, and faculty) activism honoring the example set by Martin Luther King.

Story Slam

Planned by the PCC/DEC committee, this annual fun evening for the Far Brook adult community offers an opportunity to share personal stories around a common theme.

Dialogue Across Divides

Planned by the PCC/DEC committee, this annual adult evening features a guest speaker, dinner, and conversation around bridging differing community perspectives.

Heritage Day at Far Brook

Planned by the PCC/DEC committee, this is a school-wide celebration of all the cultures and backgrounds represented in our community.