Tuition Assistance

At Far Brook, we strive to enroll students who will contribute to and benefit from the Far Brook School experience. We embrace diversity and are committed to having a student body that is socioeconomically diverse because we recognize that bright, mission-consistent students are found at every income level, and because we wish to create an authentic community that reflects our society and fosters respect for all people.

Independent school is a significant financial commitment for all families. In considering applications for discounted tuition, we maintain the philosophy that families should prioritize education over other discretionary expenses.

While it is not a required part of the admissions process, we encourage each family to submit an application for Tuition Assistance. Many families are often surprised to learn that they may qualify for discounted tuition.

How large is Far Brook's Tuition Assistance budget?

This amount varies. Each year we designate a portion of the operating budget, as well as income from endowed funds, to help eligible families defray some of the cost of a Far Brook education. In the 2023-2024 school year awards were granted to 15% of students. Awards were granted in every grade level and ranged from $2,000 to $48,400 with an average award of more than $30,290.

Can my child apply for a merit scholarship?

No, all Tuition Assistance awards are need-based.

Do I have to apply for Tuition Assistance every year?

Because financial situations may change, all families who receive tuition assistance are required to re-apply annually.  If circumstances remain constant, families are generally awarded comparable grants from year to year.      

Are admissions decisions "need blind"?

Eligibility for admission is determined without consideration of financial need. However, given our finite Tuition Assistance budget, we must be “need-aware.” Once a student has been admitted by the Admissions Committee, the family’s Tuition Assistance application is reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee and the amount of the award, if any, is determined so that the family can be fully informed of their award at the same time that they are notified of admission.

What if my child is admitted and we don't receive enough Tuition Assistance to attend?

Unfortunately, even with a significant budget to allocate to deserving students, it is not always possible to grant aid to every student who is accepted by the Admissions Committee and also qualifies for Tuition Assistance. We maintain a waitlist for those students who qualify for admission and tuition aid, but who are not awarded assistance in the initial allocation of budgeted funds. Eligible families on the Tuition Assistance Waitlist will be notified by Far Brook should any additional aid become available.

How do I apply for Tuition Assistance?

See Tuition Assistance Procedures for step-by-step instructions.

Emi Ithen

Emi Ithen

Director of Enrollment Management

Kathy Ike

Kathy Ike

Admissions Assistant