Special Campaigns

Dedicated campaigns, including the endowment, make possible new and renovated facilities and support special needs outside the annual operating budget.

Capital gifts and major gifts are often committed over a three-to-five-year period. Gifts designated to Far Brook’s Endowment are invested, and only a percentage of the income from the principal is spent, ensuring that the gift continues in perpetuity.

Strength in Community Campaign, 2018-2022

Our most recent campaign concluded in June 2022, with $2.2 million raised for tuition assistance and faculty development. A special thank you to all community members who contributed!

Far Brook's Endowment

Far Brook’s Endowment has grown over the years to a total of $9,081,140, as of June 30, 2023, made possible through the generosity and vision of the Far Brook community – current parents, alumni families, and friends. A percentage of the income from these funds is directed toward the operating budget each year. The Endowment contributes to a strong overall financial basis for the school, supports increased scholarship opportunities for students, and provides greater flexibility for visionary educational programs.

In addition to its growing Unrestricted or General Endowment Fund, Far Brook also has a number of Restricted Endowment Funds which are outlined below. Please note that it is possible to add to any of these Funds, which honor and remember extraordinary current and deceased members of the Far Brook community and the wider world. Questions about special naming opportunities and formal Gift Acceptance Policies can be directed to the Development Office. These funds are managed by a policy established by the Board of Trustees.


Arts Endowment Funds

  • Kramer Art Fund
  • Fredda S. Leff Special Projects Endowment
  • Polly S. Niebling Drama Fund

Building Endowment Funds

  • Milton H. Stern Endowment Fund
  • The Ruth and Max Segal Family Library Endowment Fund

Faculty Endowment Funds

  • The Elliott Averett Family Fund for Teacher Benefits
  • Faculty Endowment Fund
  • Faculty Opportunity Fund
  • Endowment for Teacher Benefits
  • Moore Faculty Benefit Fund

Scholarship Endowment Funds

  • Mary Adams Scholarship for Mathematics and Science
  • Edwin A. Finckel Scholarship for the Arts
  • The Founding Families Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • The George Bartol Scholarship
  • The Hite Scholarship
  • The James E. and Elizabeth Hughes Scholarship Endowment Fund
  • William R. Johnson Scholarship for the Arts
  • Barbara Jordan Endowment Scholarship
  • The Koven Family Scholarship
  • The Paula Levin Lower School Scholarship Fund
  • Marks Student Scholarships
  • The Opportunity Scholarship Fund for Excellence
  • The Caroline Pfohl and Damien Ho Scholarship
  • Carol Silver Endowment for Student Scholarships

Expendable Funds

  • The Faculty Fund for Innovation
  • High School Tuition Assistance Fund
  • The Joan H. Stern Speaker Series for Faculty Development
  • Music and Instrument Fund