Diversity at Far Brook

Far Brook Diversity Statement

At Far Brook School we value bringing students “to their highest level of academic and personal competency, both for their present and in preparation for their future education” and life experiences. We strive to “create a supportive and caring community that cherishes love of learning, creativity, and individuality.”

These words, written collaboratively by our faculty, administration, and the Head of School in 1988, illustrate our core belief that each of us has something valuable and unique to contribute to the Far Brook community and to the world.

Implicit in this belief is a commitment to diversity.

Diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic level, sexual orientation, family structure, and religion provides us with a vibrant community in which to learn about the array of perspectives and experiences that enrich our world. Together, we examine and celebrate our differences and commonalities. Together, we foster a sense of belonging, and we model and nurture kindness, caring, and respect for one another.

We acknowledge that being a truly diverse learning community is an ongoing process and requires us to be reflective and proactive. We accept the challenges that this entails and trust that our journey together will honor our individuality as well as our shared humanity.

–Approved by the Board of Trustees, 2009

Widening the Lens: The Far Brook School Diversity Conference

In November of 2016, Far Brook hosted the first annual Diversity Conference for independent schools in NJ. Titled “Widening the Lens,” the conference brings together 13 school communities committed to broadening and improving inclusion within their schools.

The topic of the 2020 conference is “Lift Every Voice: Centering the Student Experience in Building Anti-Racist Communities.” Learn more here.

See information on Widening the Lens conferences from recent years.

2018 Conference – From Attending to Belonging: Re-Imagining Independent Schools for our Intersectional Communities

2019 Conference – Class in the Classroom: Exploring Socioeconomic Diversity in Our Schools

Spectrum - A Social Justice Discussion Group for Students

Spectrum is an after school activity that provides students in Grades 6-8 an opportunity to engage in conversations about social justice, personal experiences, learn about history, and discuss current events. Gatherings are once a month during the school year, from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. There is no charge for this activity.


At Far Brook, we take pride in the fact that our students are learning in a community of peers from many walks of life. As expressed in our Diversity Statement, we believe that being intentional about diversity provides a platform for students to understand, to thrive in, and to impact our multi-cultural society.

To help navigate the complexity of living and learning in a diverse community, and to provide a safe space for dialogue, we developed Spectrum, an after school program for students in grades Six, Seven, and Eight. Any student who is interested in discussing or learning more about race, equity, and social justice is invited and encouraged to attend.

Spectrum provides students with an opportunity to engage in conversations about personal experiences, learn about history, and discuss current events. Sometimes, during a Spectrum gathering, students meet in smaller, self-identified “affinity groups” with a facilitator. We always come back together before we depart to share thoughts and to emphasize community. Supported by caring faculty and administration, and with the objective of fostering community and inclusion, students enjoy a safe space to discuss important topics, develop strategies, and affirm identity.

Our vibrant community is one of the highlights of the Far Brook experience and we celebrate the rich array of backgrounds, families, neighborhoods, and cultures represented. We look forward to many enlightening, productive, and courageous conversations with your children throughout the year.

Family Photo Project

In 2015, the Faculty/Staff Diversity Committee envisioned and launched an initiative to show the spectrum of families at Far Brook: large families, small families, those with two parents or one, two moms or two dads, families blended through marriage, formed through adoption, and all other expressions. Through the Family Photo Project, the racial and cultural diversity among and within families was also made visible, each unique configuration reinforcing our understanding that families are made of people who love and care for one another.

Families are made of love.

In 2018-2019 we once again created the Family Photo Project to celebrate the beautiful mosaic that is our current community.

Speakers and Workshops

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Far Brook Diversity Facts - 2020-2021
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