December Windows and Winter Celebration

Each December, Far Brook students create curriculum-themed painted windows in their classrooms. For example, First Grade’s core curriculum “Environment & Community” inspired that class to imagine, investigate, draw, and paint leaves of many varieties and colors; Nursery observes and paints the birds that come to the feeders outside their window; Fifth Grade students study Greek mythology and paint constellations from those stories.

The complete collection of windows throughout the school was on display for families to enjoy at the Winter Celebration right before the December break. This event – Simple Gifts: A Winter Celebration of the Arts & Community at Far Brook – was an opportunity for students, faculty, and families to come together as a community, interact on a personal and social level, celebrate and honor our diverse cultures, and highlight the arts and service learning at Far Brook.

Families donated children’s pajamas and books that students wrapped, adding cards they made during the celebration. These gifts will be given in January to the Interfaith Hospitality Network and Apostle’s House to distribute to children in the community.

Please enjoy these images taken at the Winter Celebration.